The CIDTFF (Research Centre Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers), of the Universidade de Aveiro (UA), Portugal, is organizing an International Seminar (IS) entitled “Innovative academic practices in higher education: How to make them more sustainable”, which will take place at Department of Education and Psychology on the 27th September 2018.


9h00:9h15 Check-in
9h15:9h45 Opening Session

– Head of DEP
– Coordinator of CIDTFF
– Members of the Organizing Committee

9h45:10h45 Lecture “Making innovative pedagogical approaches sustainable: The case of shaping higher education with students”

Invited Keynote: Vincent C H Tong
(Principal Teaching Fellow (Connected Curriculum), University College London, London, United Kingdom)

Overview: The significance of student-staff partnerships and inclusive learning communities in promoting innovative pedagogical approaches and making them sustainable, with applications to academic staff development programmes

10h45:11h15 Coffee break & Poster exibition
11h15:11h30 Lecture “Educational innovations developed in Portuguese higher education institutions through national funded projects: how they were promoted and sustained.”

Keynote: Cecília Guerra
(Postdoctoral researcher, CIDTFF, UA)

Overview: Characterization of the sustainability of educational innovations developed through national funded research projects implemented between 2006 and 2015 in Portuguese higher education institutions.

11h30:12h45 Round tableTowards the sustainability of educational innovations in higher education: how to promote it?

Moderator: Nilza Costa
(Full Professor, DEP, CIDTFF, UA)

Celina Leão  (Assistant Professor, University of Minho, Portugal);
Filomena Soares (Assistant Professor, University of Minho, Portugal);
Isabel Cristina Gonçalves (Technical Coordinator of Academic Development Unit, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal);
João Pedro Pêgo (Assistant Professor, University of Porto, Portugal);
José Manuel Martins Ferreira (Full Professor, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge, Norway);

Vitor H. Carvalho (Tenured Associate Professor, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal)

Overview: To describe briefly the funded research projects that were developed and which were discussed at the Round Table, and to reflect on the factors that may (or may not) maximize the sustainability of educational innovations in higher education.

12h45:14h00 Lunch break
14h00:14h30 Lecture How do we prepare today’s higher education students for tomorrow’s challenges? Teacher education and the promotion of ’21st century skills’

Keynote: Amanda Franco
(Postdoctoral researcher, CIDTFF, UA)

Overview: In the context of European guidelines referring explicitly to the importance of “21st century skills”, presentation of the importance of sustained teacher education that is inclusive of critical thinking, to promote – deliberately, explicitly and systematically – students’ critical thinking in higher education.

14h30:15h00 LecturePathways to change in teaching and learning at the University of Aveiro: notes from 8 years of experience

Keynote: Gillian Moreira
(Assistant Professor, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Overview: Retrospective analysis of the actions implemented by the Rectory of Universidade de Aveiro concerning the promotion of teachers’ academic development (e.g., training workshops, Teaching Day, etc.).

15h00:16h00 Poster presentation “My project in higher education in 5 minutes!”

Moderator: Mónica Seabra
(PhD student of DEP, CIDTFF, UA)

Researchers with projects focused on the development of educational innovations in the higher education.

Overview: Presentation of CIDTFF research projects focused on the promotion of educational innovations in higher education context.

16h00:16h30 Coffee break & Poster exibition
16h30:17h30 Round tableBuilding the future of higher education: an agenda for research sustainability

Moderator: Rui Marques Vieira
(Assistant Professor, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

António Teixeira (University of Aveiro)
Heitor Alvelos (University of Porto)
– Isabel Menezes (President of the Portuguese Educational Research Association, Portugal).

Jorge Brandão (Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Centro)

Overview: To reflect on the policies and strategies that are necessary to establish an agenda in higher education aimed at fostering the scientific, societal, and educational sustainability of research and innovation in the higher education context.

17h30:18h00 Closing session

– Head of DEP
– Coordinator of CIDTFF
– Members of the Organizing Committee